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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Calling All Family Members - Need Your Help!

It's been almost a year since this blog was started.  Recently, I started posting photos on the blog and one of my projects for 2012 will be to make as many of the recipes from previous posts as I can and add pictures to the posts along with any useful information I can add - so keep your eyes out for updates. 

Moving forward, I'd like to also make some videos to share with family members who are visual learners and also for other folks to enjoy.
First up is a Ginetti making video.  I'd like to have it up in time for Easter so maybe late February, early March date for doing the video.  It may take 2 days in order to get them made & frosted and be able to have good lighting for the video. 

So, I'm looking for someone with a video camera who would be willing to do the filming as well as family members who would be willing to appear on camera making the Ginetti with me and sharing stories, tips & tricks.  You can let me know by leaving a comment below, messaging me on Facebook or posting to my Facebook wall.

I hope you join me!

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