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Monday, October 24, 2011

Olive Update

The olives are coming along nicely.  They are starting to become that drab, olive green we are all so familiary with, some of them are even turning quite dark - almost black.  We tasted them last night, with salt, per Grandma Carbone's instructions.  They are almost ready for the brine but still just a bit too bitter. 

Purely out of curiosity, I visited the website this morning to see if any other varieties have become available and learned that the olive season ended officially last Friday.  I'm so glad I didn't wait to order.  Here is the official announcement:

 In looking over the recipes on the website today I learned that the ripe olives we are all most familiar with aren't ripe when they're cured either...hmm.  If you have a chance, you might enjoy visiting their site.  They carry a nice selection of cured olives, olive oils, pickles, etc. and there are curing recipes as well.  With our order, they sent us a sample of oil cured olives.  They were pitted and looked like extremely large raisins.  They had a whole different flavor altogether than any other olive I've ever eaten, but we thought they were delicious! 

I'll post again soon, once I've brined & sealed them.

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