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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Ciao!  This week's recipe is Gnocchi.  I've never made or eaten Gnocchi personally, but maybe I'll try it this week.  Grandma's recipe card on this doesn't include sauce of any kind - so you're on your own.  I'm sure your favorite red sauce would work well. 

I was surprised to see it called for instant mashed potatoes, but it seems like they'd be a lot easier to make.


3 C Instant Mashed Potatoes              5 or 6 C flour
3 C Hot water                                    1 or 2 eggs
2 Tbls Oil                                           1 Tsp. salt

Make a well with 5 or 6 C Flour - add eggs, potatoes, hot water & oil.  Mix well & knead dough until smooth.  Shape into small ropes around 3/4" thick.  Cut in small pieces (1 inch).  Make indentation with thumb.  Boil in simmering water around 15 min.

The salt seems to be missing from the instructions and there is also no mention of how to tell when they're done, but I'd think you'd want to cook them al-dente, like any other pasta. 

Until next time - buona notte & felice cucinare!

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